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The Statusbar

The statusbar has four sections:

  1. When a menu-item is highlit, this is where any associated help information is displayed

  2. 4Pane's confirmatory messages appear here e.g. "2 files copied".
    These messages are automatically removed after 10 seconds. You can change this time in Options > Configure 4Pane > Misc.
    Since 4Pane 5.0, the progress of a long move or paste is displayed in this section.

  3. The largest and most useful section, this displays the type, name and size of the currently-selected file. e.g.
    Regular File: Statusbar.htm 1.6K
    or, if a symlink, the type, name and target. e.g.
    Symbolic Link: --> /usr/lib/

  4. This section shows what sort of things are being displayed in the selected pane. This will normally be either D H * or D F H *. D means Directories, F Files and H Hidden ones.
    If the Options > Show recursive dir sizes menu item is ticked, there will also be an R for Recursive when a fileview has focus.
    The '*' denotes "Show all of these things". Alternatively D F H d* would mean that only files starting with 'd' were displayed. You can adjust the Filter by [Right-click] > Filter Display (or Ctrl-Sh-F). See Filter.

You can alter the proportion of the statusbar allocated to each section in Options > Configure 4Pane > Misc > Other: Configure Statusbar.