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The Filter dialog, in Debian

Normally a pane will display all the files and/or directories that exist within the dir-view selection. However you might sometimes want to display only some of these: for example, only files with the extension ".txt". This can be accomplished with the Filter dialog, available from View > Filter Display, Context Menu > Filter Display or Ctrl-Sh-F.

? and * are wildcards for one/several characters. You can use more than one filter at a time, separated by ',' or '|'.
So a*.txt,MyText*.txt will show only .txt files beginning with 'a' or with 'MyText'. d?g.txt will show both dog.txt and dig.txt.

Normally these filters apply only to the currently-selected pane, but the dialog has an option for applying the filter to all visible panes at once. It also has a quick way of reverting to "Show Everything", and in a file-view you can choose to display only files.