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Fileview Columns, in Mandriva

Fileview Columns

The right-hand part of each twin pane is a file-view: it shows the contents of the directory selected in the dir-view. While a dir-view has only one column, containing the directory names, a file-view can have several. The first, the Name column, is always present.

The Fileview Columns Context Menu, in Mandriva

The others are configurable, either from the file-view Context menu, or by right-clicking on a column header.

The optional columns are: Extension (the 'txt' bit of foo.txt); the Size of each file; its date and Time; Permissions; Owner; Group; and finally Link, which shows its target if it's a symlink. You can also choose to Show All the columns, or None (except for the name).

From the file-view context menu, or that of the 'ext' section of the column header, you can also choose how much of a multi-dot extension is displayed in the 'ext' column. By default an extension starts at the first '.' e.g. for foo-1.2.tar.gz it will be 2.tar.gz. This isn't always what you want, so you can change it to the last dot, or the penultimate one (appropriate for e.g. foo.tar.gz).

You can alter the width of a column by dragging the border between its header and an adjoining one. If you click once on the header of a column, the files will be sorted by that column's data; click again, and the sort will be reversed. For example, two clicks on the Size column header will sort the files by size, with the largest first.

Which columns are shown, their widths, and how they sort, are some of the things saved by Options > Save Pane Settings and Options > Save Pane Settings On Exit.