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Main Features

4Pane is a multi-pane, detailed-list file manager, and is designed to be fully-featured without bloat.

All of the standard file manager abilities e.g. Moving are available; and are made easier by the dual twin-pane format, since you can display the source and destination directories at the same time, however far apart they may be in your filesystem.

Navigation around the filesystem is made easier by the provision of Bookmarks, user-defined GoTo buttons, and a history of "Recently-visited directories".

Almost everything that you do with 4Pane, even deletion, can be undone and redone.

Tar (compressed and uncompressed) and zip archives can be created and extracted in the normal way. Alternatively, most archive types can be browsed, their contents altered, individual files read or launched; all without opening the archive.

If your distro doesn't automatically mount dvdroms, usbpens etc, 4Pane can do it for you. Any mounted device is easily accessed via its toolbar icon.

4Pane does Multiple Renaming or duplication of files, either by prepending/appending, incrementing or using Regular Expressions.

You can extend 4Pane by creating your own User-Defined Tools.

Apart from the twin-pane, detailed list nature of 4Pane, almost everything else is configurable. You're used to different shortcuts? Change to them. You want to use a different console? You can. Look here for details.

See the FAQ for reasons why certain "features" aren't part of 4Pane: why it's not a web-browser/ftp client/cd burner, and why there's no mimetype-detection.