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The Bookmarks menu

A bookmark is, as you will have guessed, a way to save a filepath. You can have up to 9000 of them, which you can arrange in folders (and if you have anything like 9000 of them you'll need to). Choosing a bookmark from the menu will bring up its filepath in the current pane.

The Bookmarks menu, in PCLinuxOS

The only permanent menu-items are Add to Bookmarks and Manage Bookmarks. The bookmarks themselves appear below, with each folder shown in a submenu.

The Add Bookmark dialog, in PCLinuxOS

To bookmark the currently-highlit file or directory, click Add to Bookmarks. A dialog will appear, which confirms the filepath and allows you to choose a label. The default label will be the filepath itself, but you may want something shorter e.g. "2007 Holiday Pictures" instead of "/home/yourname/Documents/Pictures/2007 holiday/". By default a bookmark is created in the main Bookmarks part of the menu, but you can select a different folder by clicking the Change Folder button.

The Manage Bookmarks dialog, in PCLinuxOS

Manage Bookmarks invokes the Manage Bookmarks dialog, which contains a tree of the current bookmarks and folders. Clicking the appropriate button allows you to add a new folder or separator below the currently-selected bookmark, or inside the currently-selected folder. You can also Edit or Delete the current selection. Alternatively you can manipulate entries using the standard Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste shortcuts, or move them by drag and drop (or hold down the Ctrl key to Duplicate). The Duplicate and New Folder shortcuts also work, and right-clicking over an item shows the available commands on a Context Menu.

As I mentioned, if you create a new folder or separator while a folder is selected, the new item will be created inside the folder. So how do you put e.g. a separator below a folder? Create it elsewhere, then drag it to the correct position.