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Undoing and Redoing an Alteration

You can access this from the Edit menu (or the Context menu) or use the shortcuts Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-R respectively; but the most convenient way is to use the pair of curved arrows on the main toolbar (which will be disabled unless there are alterations available).
In what follows I'll mostly refer to Undoing things, but Redoing is exactly the same.

The Undo button Dropdown, in SuSE
There are two ways to use these buttons: As you just read, actions are clustered: if you rename 17 items, you get to Undo and Redo these all at once; if you delete a directory containing hundreds of files, it appears as just one deletion. This is normally what you'd want (you really wouldn't want to have to undo hundreds of deletions one by one) but it does mean that if you decide you only wanted to rename 16 of these files, you have to Undo them all, select the correct files and rename again.

You should be able to go up and down the list, Undoing and Redoing the items, as often as you wish. However there are four situations where Redoing will no longer be possible: The moral: You can't absolutely rely on the Undo/Redo system. It will work 99.9% of the time, but if you contemplate doing something that will hazard important files, I strongly suggest backing them up first. (Perhaps this would be a good time to re-read the licence and disclaimer.)

Most things that you do to your filesystem with 4Pane can be Undone and Redone. However there are some that can't. The main exceptions are: