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Configuring Networks

The Configure Network dialog, in Ubuntu

This is where you might rarely need to configure how 4Pane interacts with NFS or Samba. Note that NFS and/or Samba must be already installed, configured and running on your computer: 4Pane doesn't do this itself.

The first section of the dialog deals with NFS. The known current or previously available servers are listed; if for some reason you wish to delete one of these, select it and click the Delete button. Underneath is a box for adding a new server. Below this is the filepath for the helper application "showmount". This will normally already be correctly entered, but if your system puts it in a strange place, enter it here.

The Samba section only has one item: the directory where Samba binaries such as smbclient are to be found. This will normally be /usr/bin; if it isn't, enter the correct path here.

How to mount a network partition is discussed in The Mount menu.