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Previous Versions of 4Pane

The current version of 4Pane is 8.0. However the pages and binaries of older versions are still available here. The previous version, 7.0, has binaries for, among others, ubuntu focal and groovy, debian buster, fedora 33 and suse 15.2, which aren't provided in 8.0. 6.0, has binaries for, among others, ubuntu bionic, disco and eoan, debian stretch, fedora 31 and suse 15.1. 5.0, has binaries for ubuntu trusty, xenial and zesty, debian jessie, fedora 25-26 and suse 42.2 and 42.3.
Similarly 4.0, has binaries for, ubuntu wily and yakkety, fedora 23-24 and suse 42.1; 3.0, has binaries for ubuntu utopic and vivid, debian wheezy, fedora 20-22 and suse 13.1; 2.0, has binaries for ubuntu precise to saucy, debian squeeze, fedora 19 and suse 12.3; 1.0 has ubuntu oneiric, fedora 16-18 and suse 12.1 and 2; 0.8.0 has ubuntu lucid maverick and natty, debian lenny, fedora 13-15 and suse 11.3 and 4; 0.7.0 ubuntu jaunty and karmic, fedora 12, suse 11.1 and 2.

4Pane 0.7.0 and later require a version of wxWidgets >= 2.8.0 (the latest version requires >= wx3.0). This is available for recent versions of all the main distros; however if you want to install 4Pane on much, much older ones, you will have to use 4Pane 0.6.0, which is available from the old 0.6.0 pages. This also has binary packages for e.g. ubuntu hardy and intrepid, debian etch, fedora 8 to 11, that aren't supported in 0.7.0.

There is no reason why anyone should want to use the original 0.5.0 release now; but 0.5.1 has binaries for e.g. ubuntu dapper and feisty, openSUSE 10.1 and 10.2, that aren't in later versions. You can access the packages from the old 0.5.1 pages.